Todd Castleman

My name is Jon T. (Todd) Castleman. I am 55 years old. On January 27, 2009, God brought to light my addiction to methamphetamines. In changing my life, God gave hope to me, to my wife and family, to my employer and co-workers and I’m so very thankful He did. There is no doubt God saved my life. Upon losing a good job where I had worked for 24 years I knew I needed help!
I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 9 years old and grew up attending Sunday School and Church with my parents until about the age of 16. That’s when my problems with alcohol and drugs began. First it was alcohol, then marijuana and on to methamphetamines. I really had a problem. The day I resigned from my job, the only place I knew to turn was back to God. Even though I had run from Him for many years He was waiting on me to return to Him.
This is when God led me to Straight Street Restoration Center in Maud TX. My time spent there (90 days) allowed me to focus on God and help me rebuild my relationship with Him. I am so thankful my God didn’t give up on me! I’m also thankful to God for restoring my relationships with my wife, my kids and all my family. And God blessed me with another job the day after I graduated. I worked there for almost 5 years and then God blessed me with an even better job than the one I lost. God has really blessed me and continues to bless me and my family daily. I will forever be grateful for my brothers and sisters of Straight Street and Damascus Home of Redwater ministry for providing a place for God to work on me and bring me back to a Christian life. So please, if you are a man who is struggling with any kind of an addiction problem, help can be found through Jesus Christ at Straight Street Restoration Center. All you need to do is call. May God Bless You!