I Need Help


No matter what your past has been, God has a greater future. There is nothing so bad that God can’t fix. But God wants you to want to get help first.

No matter what you are dealing with, there is hope and a purpose for your life. No matter what type of life you have had in the past, we would like to show you how to have a new life.

Whether you are dealing with drugs, alcohol, or any other dependence issue, we are here to help. We are here to separate you from your current environment and provide a safe place for reflection and restoration. We hope that by renewing your mind and your body, you will find the freedom from all addictions and have a new purpose that God can give you. Finding this freedom and your God-given purpose comes when we start freeing ourselves from the addictions of this world and start living the free life that God wants us to have.

Your first step is to contact us. Call us at (903) 585-3186 or contact us here.